Volunteer Spotlight: Joshua Headley

What's your favorite camera & why?

I go back and forth between my Yashica-D and Holga 120N. I like having both total control and little to no control at all.

What artists inspire you?

Chantal Ackerman is one of my biggest influences. I am also influenced by musicians and artists like Arthur Russell who never tire of experimentation and try drastically different styles.

What would be the soundtrack to your portfolio?

Beach House but I suppose any dream pop or shoegaze will do.

What type of photographer would you describe yourself as?

I am predominately a street photographer; I try to capture intimate moments with little to no people in frame, especially in spaces that allude to something much bigger.

How long have you lived in Bushwick/Brooklyn/New York?

I have lived in New York for the last six years, Bushwick for the last three. 


IG: joshuaduane